Grantees are required to report on the use of grant funds. No grant payment will be made and no future applications will be considered until all prior scheduled reports are received by the Foundation. It is the Grantee’s responsibility to track report deadlines. Grantees shall provide the Foundation with reports on the schedule detailed in their grant agreement. Foundation approval must be obtained for any modification of the objectives, budget or timeline of the project for which grant funds have been awarded.


Grantees shall promptly notify Miller Foundation about any of the following:


  • Change in name, address, phone number of the organization

  • Change in key personnel of the project, organization or grant contact person

  • Any development that significantly affects the operation of the organization

To submit a report on a grant you have received from the Miller Foundation, please log-in to the grantee portal (this is the same portal used to apply for a grant). Interim and Final reports are assigned to the person who completed the grant application. If someone else will be completing the report, please contact our office so that we can assign the report to the new person in grantee portal. 

DO NOT create a new organizational account if you forgot your username. Use “FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD” link at the sign-in page to start retrieving/editing your organizational information.

A confirmation email will be sent once we have received your report. Staff will review your report and contact you only if there are any questions or concerns. If you do not hear from staff, you can assume that your report is complete.

To access the grant portal - CLICK HERE



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