The Foundation makes single and multi-year grants to organizations whose primary mission is to advance the arts or K-12 education in Oregon.



  • Be a governmental entity or a tax-exempt charitable organization based in Oregon

  • Have a minimum of three years of successful operation

  • Apply only once within a 12-month period, regardless of whether or not a previous proposal was funded

  • Have submitted a final report for any prior grant from the Miller Foundation

Please see the list of activities the Miller Foundation currently does not fund here.​



The Foundation accepts education proposals for general support, project or capacity-building support from organizations whose programs strengthen student proficiency and produce measurable results. Read more about our Education grants here.



Arts education is currently not a primary funding focus for the Miller Foundation; however, we believe that every child should have access to a well-rounded education that includes the arts. Because not all Oregon schools currently provide arts education opportunities for young people, we do fund arts education programming in limited ways. Read more about our Arts Education funding here.


The foundation accepts arts proposals from organizations that deliver artistic programming, performances or exhibits as their primary mission. Read more about our Arts grants here.


The three primary arts funding areas:   


Project Support: designed for specific projects around performances, presentations or exhibits. Project support can include marketing, fundraising or governance, replacing equipment, a challenge grant to stimulate individual giving, purchasing a new database, replacing or upgrading movable equipment. 


º Recipients of Miller project grants in two consecutive fiscal years are not eligible to apply for funds in the following fiscal year. If this presents a significant challenge for your organization, please contact a program officer to discuss your specific circumstances.

º We do not accept proposals for general support, capital purchase or construction of facilities.


Capacity Building Support: designed to help organizations build and strengthen internal capacity. Depending on the organization’s need and plan, these grants can be up to three years. Examples include movable equipment purchase that will significantly increase productivity, the addition of paid staff, board and staff training, and external consultation. Recipients of Miller capacity building grants are not eligible to apply for funds in the fiscal year following the final year of their Miller grant.


Change Capital: From time to time, the Foundation will provide change capital support for substantial changes in artistic programming or its business model to re-position the institution for greater strength and stability. Organizations considering this type of investment must have a long-standing, successful relationship with the foundation and must discuss this option with foundation staff before application.


Applications for general operating support for arts organizations are not accepted at this time.


We appreciate when organizations call us with questions. We don't want you to spend your valuable time working on a proposal that might not be a strong fit with our priorities. In addition to reviewing the materials here on our website, we recommend you also preview our applications.  You are welcome to call us at 503.546.3191 or reach out to a member of our program team directly to have a quick conversation about eligibility.

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