FAQ - Fast Track Arts Requests

How do you define an arts organization?

This grant program is intended to provide unrestricted general operating support to organizations delivering visual, performing, media, literary, or interdisciplinary artistic programming, performances or exhibits during the current pandemic. While we typically fund organizations delivering such programming as their primary mission, we recognize that in many communities, such artistic programming is delivered by cultural organizations that provide a variety of other programs and services as well. All organizations delivering arts programming are eligible to apply.

We are a large organization, but with a small arts program. How should we apply?

If your organizational budget is over $500,000, you must go through the LOI process, even if your overall arts program budget is a small percentage of your budget.

Can I run some questions by a staff member?

Our small program team is prioritizing rapid responses to our Fast Track requests and Letters of Inquiry. We've tried to anticipate applicant questions in our different FAQ's, so please review them thoroughly before emailing us. Depending on the volume of applications and inquiries we receive, program staff may not have time to correspond in a timely manner to all inquiries. We appreciate your patience with our replies.

Is there a minimum budget size for applicant organizations?

Yes, applicant organizations must have minimum annual operating expenses of $25,000.

We are a relatively new organization. Can we apply?

Applicant organiations should have at least three years of active program/service delivery to the community. If your organization has less than three years of program delivery experience but otherwise are a fit for Miller support, you can consider applying through a fiscal sponsor.

Can I apply for a Fast Track Arts grant using a fiscal sponsor?

No. Fiscally-sponsored requests must be submitted using our Letter of Inquiry form.

*Please note our grants portal is closed as of June 30. Keep up to date with future application deadlines and other NEWS here.