Items Currently Outside of Miller Eligibility

In order to provide greater transparency and to conserve the valuable time of staff, board and volunteers in Oregon’s nonprofit sector, our eligibility criteria detail what kinds of activities the Miller Foundation currently funds and does not fund. Please refer to our list of recent grant awards, and please feel free to contact us with questions about whether your request is a fit for our funding priorities.


The Miller Foundation always aims to be responsive to our nonprofit partners’ needs, and therefore do make exceptions when circumstances warrant it. We welcome your inquiries about an arts or education project that falls outside of these criteria that you nevertheless believe aligns with our Foundation’s priorities.

Across arts and education, we do not fund:

  • Organizations based outside of Oregon

  • Individuals

  • Institutions of higher education (colleges, universities)

  • Organizations that have not been successfully operating for at least three years

  • Capital purchase or facilities construction

  • Non-movable equipment

  • Projects where we would be the only source of contributed support for the project or your organization

  • Project requests where the amount requested exceeds 10% of your organization’s annual budget

  • Capacity building requests where the amount requested exceeds 15% of your organization’s annual budget

  • Capacity building requests where there is no plan for sustaining the activities after the grant period


In the arts, we do not fund:


  • General operating support - except by invitation

  • Art therapy/Arts programming in a therapeutic setting

  • Social service organizations providing arts programming

  • Scholarships or tickets to performances

  • In-school arts assemblies, school trips to arts performances, school clubs, art materials, or musical instruments

  • Historical societies

  • Museums (except for culturally specific museums)

  • Recreational camps and summer programs (except for programs that include year-round activities serving Miller’s priority student population, which includes programs that address academic disparities between different student groups)

  • After-school arts enrichment programs*


* We do fund arts education in limited ways. Read more about our Arts Education funding here.


In education, we do not fund:


  • Equipment-only grants

  • Pre-K education (except by initiative)

  • Parenting/Caregiver education (as distinct from school-based family engagement activities)

  • Recreational camps and summer programs

  • Environmental education

  • After-school enrichment programs such as Boys & Girls Clubs

  • Traditional, tuition-based private education (exceptions are made for private schools where tuition is free or highly subsidized and where the student population is selected as part of an effort to address academic disparities for specific student groups)

  • Museums (except for statewide institutions High Desert Museum and OMSI)

  • Physical education or sports

  • STEM-focused education

  • Life skills development

  • Non-academic mentoring

  • Standalone career skills development programs

  • Standalone social service supports

  • Programs that do not demonstrate measurable results

  • Direct support for AVID programs (we fund AVID through a standalone initiative)

  • School garden/ecology projects

Eligibility Questions

We appreciate when organizations call us with questions. We don't want you to spend your valuable time working on a proposal that might not be a strong fit with our priorities. In addition to reviewing the materials here on our website, we recommend you also preview our applications.  You are welcome to call us at 503.546.3191 or reach out to a member of our program team directly to have a quick conversation about eligibility.

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