To enhance the quality of life of Oregonians through the support of classroom education and the performing, visual, and literary arts. 





James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation envisions an Oregon where the arts thrive in supportive communities, and educational systems support the effectiveness of teaching and learning in every classroom. Miller Foundation invests in strong leaders and business models, and we encourage strategic approaches that enable grant funds to have a significant impact.



The Foundation's funds are dedicated to service in the community. Directors and staff are stewards of these funds, seeking to direct resources with efficiency, equity, and wisdom.


When appropriate within our mission and circumstances, we will step forward in a leadership role. We prefer to remain out of the spotlight, and instead, illuminate the focus on our non-profit partners and their work.


Shared planning and action expands and enriches aspects of our work and the work of others.


Foundation Directors and staff treat all persons and organizations with honesty, integrity, and fairness. We are accessible, communicate clearly and promptly with applicants, grantees, donors, peers and the public, and build constructive relationships based on mutual respect, candor, and confidentiality.


We value listening to and learning from others. Collegial relationships, discussion, debate, exchange of information and research findings and openness to new ideas enhance our work. Sharing our information and knowledge with interested others facilitates learning.

Curiosity and Flexibility

We aspire to be thoughtful and purposeful in our work and periodically review and evaluate our mission, priorities, policies and practices. Miller is more concerned with results than following conventions, and we value innovation.

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