A student sitting at a table with a teacher, both are writing with a pencil and looking down at their paper.


Every Oregon student deserves an equitable chance at success. That's why we want schools and education organizations across our state to have the resources they need to teach, support, and inspire students.

Why we fund education

We believe:
  • Schools must be welcoming, supportive, and reflective of every student.
  • Supporting a child's social and emotional health, along with their academic needs, helps every student grow and thrive.
  • Creating a positive and engaging learning space for all children takes effort, but pays off many times over.
  • Families and communities must be deeply engaged in our education system.
Four 5 to 6 year old students in matching blue polo shirts playing on  green and blue playground equipment.

Activities we fund

Miller Foundation education-focused grants go to organizations working to create a more holistic and equitable K-12 education system that provides a supportive learning environment and high-quality education to all students, including those furthest from opportunity. Together, we can help Oregon students, families, teachers, and schools achieve success.

K-12 Support Organizations

We fund community-based organizations supporting K-12 teachers, youth, and families. These include efforts to support teacher effectiveness and student success in core subjects, and to improve school culture and leadership. We prioritize funding for organizations with strong school partnerships and demonstrated outcomes that specifically serve students furthest from opportunity.

Photo courtesy of NAYA

High school students lined up for graduation in black gowns and mortarboards
3 high school graduates in blue gowns and mortarboards holding their diplomas, surrounded by a green and red balloon arch

K-12 Schools

We occasionally fund K-12 schools that serve historically underserved communities; these include public, charter, and tuition-free private schools with demonstrated student outcomes.

Photo courtesy of Rosemary Anderson POIC

Arts Education Organizations

We support K-12 Arts Education activities through our Arts grant programs.

Photo courtesy of Four Rivers Cultural Center

A group of dancers, performing a traditional Mexican dance.
Large group of youth activists holding signs

Education Systems Change

We fund organizations focused on education policy, advocacy, and systems change, including those focused on improving equity in Oregon’s education system.

Photo courtesy of Adelante Mujeres

Early Childhood

We fund early childhood practice, policy and advocacy work only through invitation or in collaboration with other funders. We do not accept grant requests to support early childhood or pre-K classrooms.

Photo courtesy of Children’s Institute

Preschool classroom with 13 students sitting at 3 low tables with green and blue chairs, being read to by a teacher.

Celebrate our grantees

Capaces Leadership Institute

Supporting Latinx Youth Leadership & Self-Discovery

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Genesis Summer Reading Academy

Academic Support for McKinney-Vento and Title 1 students

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Fact Oregon

Empowering Families - Transforming Disability

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Phoenix School of Roseburg

Where Great People Happen

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Latino Network

Lifting Up Youth and Families

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Friends of the Children of the Klamath Basin

Mentors Committed for the Long-term

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Elevate Oregon

Promoting Self-Reliance, Education, and Leadership

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Get the resources you need

You believe arts and education matter. So do we!

That's why our grant programs make it easy to connect arts and education organizations in Oregon with funding for their communities.

Our grant programs are fast and flexible.

Our typical turnaround time from inquiry to grant decision is about 4 months. For smaller organizations, your path to a a grant may be as short as 30 days!

Everyone benefits when funders work together.

We connect with other funders to support joint community efforts related to Arts and Education. We fund these activities through Initiatives.

2 young students sitting on small chairs, they are reading and their faces are obscured by the books.