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December 20, 2022

Latino Network

Capacity Building Support was provided to Latino Network through Miller Foundation's Education grant program.

Latino Network:

Latino Network (LN) was founded in 1996 to advocate for the needs of the growing Latino community in Multnomah County. Latino leaders came together to build our advocacy and services programs when our community’s organizations were severely underfunded and our community was underinvested.

Our mission to transform the lives of Latino youth, families, and communities in Multnomah County emanated from our desire to remediate these disparities in educational, economic, and developmental opportunities for Latinos.

We offer a continuum of services that support Latino families from their children’s early childhood that extends through their high school graduation and beyond so that they’re able to pursue opportunities available to them unfettered by systemic barriers. We are the leading culturally-specific provider for Latino youth, parent, and family education and involvement services in the Portland-area.

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Latino Network

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