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December 20, 2022

Capaces Leadership Institute

Project support was provided to Capaces Leadership Institute through Miller Foundation's Education grant program.

Capaces Leadership Institute:

"Capaces was founded to strengthen the wellness, capacity, and political consciousness of leaders, organizations, networks, and communities to eliminate social disparities. Capaces provides educational and leadership development programming to Latino, immigrant, indigenous, and farmworker children, youth, adults, and elders in rural communities of the Mid-Willamette Valley. We also serve as a 'backbone' organization to the Alianza Poder (AP) Collaborative and the Oregon Latinx Leadership Network (OLLN).

Our core programs include: TURNO Youth Leadership, Anahuac Indigenous Cultures, People’s Representatives Civic Leadership, 7Dimensions Wellness and Resilience, Alianza Poder, and OLLN.  

While there are leadership programs serving our demographic, there are no other organizations in Oregon whose main purpose is to strengthen the leadership of Latino communities."

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Capaces Leadership Institute

Woodburn, Oregon