*Please note our grants portal is closed as of June 30. Keep up to date with future application deadlines and other NEWS here.

The following is a list of activities that are typically unlikely to be funded by the Foundation.

We offer this list in the spirit of helping organizations decide whether or not they want to apply. Specifically for education requests, if your organization's work addresses issues and opportunities identified in our Guiding Principles, we encourage you to submit a Letter of Inquiry.

Across arts and education:

  • Capital purchase (including non-movable equipment) 

  • Facilities construction

  • Debt relief and endowment

  • Colleges and universities

  • Religious institutions (with rare exceptions for religiously-affiliated schools providing tuition-free opportunities to specific student populations)

  • Multi-year requests for organizations with annual budgets under $100,000 (however, these organizations are eligible to reapply annually)

  • General operating support requests from organizations applying via a fiscal sponsor

  • General operating support requests from organizations with missions that are not specifically arts- or K12 education-focused, even if those organizations offer arts or K12 education programming.

Specific to education:

  • Social service supports, including foster care and juvenile justice programs

  • Adult education, including adult literacy programs

  • Environmental or physical education, including sports

  • School garden/ecology projects

  • STEM-focused education

  • After-school enrichment programs such as Boys & Girls Clubs

  • Traditional, tuition-based private schools where most students pay tuition

  • Pre-K/Early Learning supports (we fund these only by foundation-led initiative)

  • Parenting/Caregiver education (as distinct from school-based family engagement)

  • Food and housing assistance for families

  • Recreational camps and summer programs (except for programs addressing academic disparities or summer learning loss)

  • Museums (except statewide institutions with extensive education programming)

  • Standalone career skills development 

  • Direct support for AVID programs, which we fund through a standalone initiative

Specific to arts:

  • Museums whose primary focus is not art (except for culturally specific museums)

  • Art therapy/arts programming in therapeutic settings

  • Arts programming in correctional settings

  • Scholarships or tickets to performances

  • Historical societies

  • After-school enrichment programs

  • Requests from individual schools or classrooms for in-school arts projects or programs (arts education courses, assemblies, school trips to performances, school clubs, art materials, or musical instruments)

  • Recreational camps and summer programs