The Foundation directs most of its education funding to partnerships between nonprofit organizations and schools which support improved student learning in core curriculum with measurable results. The Foundation is particularly interested in funding projects that produce demonstrable student success among populations that are performing below state-identified averages.


In some circumstances, the Foundation provides general operating support for partnerships with a strong history of student success. In a very few instances, the Foundation funds singular institutions that serve significant teacher and student populations throughout the state.

Examples of past Miller grantees working in schools include; Reading Results, I Have a Dream at Alder School, College Possible, REAP, and Salem-Keizer Coalition for Equality. 


It is always advisable to check the appropriateness of your proposal with foundation staff before completing an application.


The Foundation does not fund:

  • Capital projects

  • Equipment-only grants

  • Institutions of higher education (colleges, universities)

  • Private education

  • Pre-K education (except by initiative)

  • Camps and summer programs

  • Physical education or sports

  • Environmental education

  • After-school enrichment programs

  • In-school arts assemblies or school trips to arts performances


The Foundation also funds K-12 public schools through invitation-only grants:


The Miller Foundation has a history of funding education system improvement in Oregon. Past programs funded by the Miller Foundation include The Chalkboard’s CLASS and Leading for Learning projects, and the Children’s Institute with Earl Boyles EarlyWorks project. The Foundation funds such projects ONLY by invitation.


Teacher professional development remains an ongoing interest for the Foundation.  From time to time, the Foundation will fund teacher professional development activities by announcing a special initiative. At present, the Foundation is funding a three-year, multiple school cohort implementing the AVID program in tandem with the Nike School Innovation Fund. Currently, there are no other teacher professional development initiatives open for applicants. Applicants are encouraged to check in on-line or connect with the Foundation via Twitter to receive future initiative announcements.


The Foundation has begun a new initiative with the Children’s Institute to build bridges between early childhood and K-3 educators to prepare our earliest learners for public school. The Foundation’s interest in early childhood education is restricted to this initiative at this time.


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